Audi Takes Dig At Tesla “Irresponsible” Autonomous Mishaps!

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Audi’s electric program is on full throttle as they want to challenge Tesla for the throne on the EV scene. It is not just electric cars which Audi is working on at the moment. The company is also pushing out highly advanced autonomous technology, starting with the all-new A8.

The technology is said to be Level 3 Autonomy and this is on-par, if not better than Tesla’s Autopilot. Despite the advance tech, Audi revealed today that the system is still not the complete package and it will be years before cars can truly act independently under the supervision of their owners.

Audi added that the technologies available today are usable but because they are not the complete package, the company won’t be charging customers for beta testers of autonomous technology. If that is not exciting enough, Audi promised to take responsibility for happy little accidents caused by the self-driving technology.

It sure sounds like Audi is taking a dig at Tesla. The latter has been under fire for a number of mishaps caused by Autopilot but Tesla has never really stepped up and claimed it to be their fault. If Audi delivers their promise, we can really see their autonomy-capable cars reeling in Tesla’s customers.