Audi TT RS Can Now Forget About Baby NSX Threats!

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What is there not to like about the Audi TT RS? The latest generation model had just won the engine of the year awards and it is dubbed as one of the most exciting sports cars in the market right now.

One would argue that the TT RS has got it easy as the car has no real competition to worry about and it is also dubbed as a scaled down version of the R8.

True enough, not many carmakers prefer to take the ‘scale-down’ approach with their halo cars. Acura was linked to do the same with the NSX through producing a smaller variant but this is now confirmed to be false.

Acura revealed in a statement earlier today that the baby NSX idea is not in their plans at all although they did commend the idea as something exciting.

With the baby NSX out of the picture, the Audi TT RS can continue its free pass in sales without having anything to worry about.