Audi TT RS vs Mercedes A45 AMG: How One Cylinder Changed Everything

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The Audi TT RS and the Mercedes A45 AMG are two of the best performance cars in the market right now but which of them is faster? This is something many would love to find out despite the two vehicles being tailored for completely different markets.

So today, we are able to get a rough idea on which the faster car is after a clip showing the latest TT RS competing with the A45 AMG on the straight line surfaced online.

The odds are against the A45 AMG as the sports luxury hatchback is one cylinder short of the TT RS. The former relies on a turbo-4 engine whereas the TT RS relies on a 5-pot machine. Despite being fairly close on the performance figures, victory belongs to the TT RS and you will be amazed by the gap separating the Audi car from the A45 AMG.