Base Audi R8: V10 Plus Conversion Is Real & Available

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Borderline car buyer is a term that refers to consumers that has just enough money to acquire a particular car. If you are one of them and you happen to miss out on the V10 Plus when purchasing the R8, there is now a way for you to upgrade your vehicle into the range-topping model.

Europe’s tuning firm, ABT, is offering an aftermarket tuning package that can do just that and it only cost €7,386.55. The firm will make adjustments to the engine thus resulting in an output of 601hp and 413ft-lbs of torque. This matches the power of the V10 Plus trim hence you can expect better acceleration with the vehicle.

To make it more exciting, the upgrade is also compatible with the R8 Spyder and ABT is offering some extras for those that want more with the vehicle.

We find this to be a good deal as some R8 owners may have regretted settling for the base model. With the tuning package, they can get a second chance at getting the V10 Plus trim.