BMW 1-Series Nightmare Won’t Affect Next 2-Series!

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The latest BMW 1-Series left fans in horror as it came out with a front-wheel drive layout as this completely contradicts to BMW’s way of doing things.

The German-based company has a strong rear-wheel heritage hence the application of FWD on 1-Series sparked fear that other vehicles from BMW will follow suit.

Today, we can be at ease as BMW has provided assurance when they revealed that FWD won’t be the way of their other vehicles. Speaking at Frankfurt, BMW shared that the next-gen 2-Series Coupe an Cabrio will have RWD, even if their measurements are small.

This is a sigh of relief as it is good to know that RWD will still be the way for BMW. Just for a second there, we thought Audi and BMW are swapping roles, especially after hearing about the RWD-R8.