BMW 4-Series GT Wishes To School Tesla On Luxuries

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Tesla has said it many times before that they are a luxurious electric carmaker and this explains why their vehicles are not cheap to own. But then again, luxury hunters can’t find anything worth praising on the vehicles produced by Tesla as their brand of luxuries are far behind established names like BMW.

Speaking of BMW, the carmaker confirmed earlier today that it is developing a new electric car based on the 4-Series GT. Projected to arrive in 2019, the 4-Series GT Electric will come with all the luxuries which BMW is famous for and an electric powertrain.

The details are unknown at the moment but BMW did mention that they want the upcoming car to have 311 miles of driving range to offer from a single full charge. This is an impressive range and if BMW can pair it up with a sporty performance, we don’t see why they can’t hurt Tesla with the 4-Series GT EV.

A concept of the 4-Series GT Electric is expected to make an appearance in about a year from now and it should be able to provide us with more information on the car. Are you excited?