BMW 8-Series All Set To Reclaim Luxury Title From Mercedes-Benz

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The past couple of years have been all about Mercedes-Benz as the cars produced by the brand turned into leaders in their respective segments. This cannot be helped as Mercedes-Benz made a big leap forward in improving their luxurious offerings.

Despite being on a hot roll on the sales front, Mercedes is still not rooted to the number one spot as rivals are showing signs of catching up. Among them is BMW, which has been going south on the luxurious ratings in recent months.

BMW is now hoping to make a strong response by launching a brand new luxury flagship called the 8-Series. We have heard about the vehicle’s development for some time now and we can now confirm that the 8-Series will be breaking its covers at a motoring event next week.

The details are being reserved for the event but BMW did warn that the 8-Series may end up being a luxurious benchmark if this era. Should Mercedes-Benz start worrying?