BMW Caught Anticipating Mercedes A-Class US Goals

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It is no secret that Mercedes-Benz is working on the next-gen A-Class and they described the vehicle to be a very special model in their line-up. There is a lot of love from Mercedes for the A-Class and this has led the carmaker into teasing on the next-gen’s entry into the US.

While nothing is concrete as of yet, rival BMW is not taking any chances and they are silently preparing for the A-Class’ US debut. This can be confirmed after a BMW 2-Series Grand Tourer was spotted running some tests over in California.

The 2-Series has often snub the US due to the lack of sales potential but it appears that BMW is now changing their minds about it. Otherwise, there won’t be any sighting of the 2-Series Grand Tourer running on American soil.

The fact that the 2-Series Grand Tourer is impossible to find makes it easy to spot the prototype being tested on the local roads. You can check out the full photo here.