BMW E30 Coupe, 911 GT3 RS Joins Massive Volume Crash At ‘Ring!

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We often shared with you videos of some respectable saves happening at the Nurburgring but this won’t be the case today. Instead of sharing a delightful video of a skilled driver escaping a crash with a superb control, we will bring up a massive crash video that involves over 10 vehicles on the Ring.

Yes, you read that right. A total of 16 cars lost control on a track as they can’t avoid an initial crash that took place right after a blind turn. All the cars were moving at racing speed and the drivers can’t react quickly to stop the vehicle.

Some vehicles worth mentioning include the BMW E30 Coupe, 911 GT3 RS and even a white Lamborghini Aventador. We can only hope that the drivers only suffered minor injuries and there are no deaths involved. We also would like to commend the cameraman for doing whatever he can to prevent the pile-up from getting worse.