BMW Hands Volkswagen Arteon A Reality Check

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Coupes with 4-doors are very limited in the affordable market and this is why the upcoming Volkswagen Arteon has the prospects to do well. The successor to the CC won’t have to worry about stiff competition hence it can look above to compete against the luxury 4-door coupes.

For BMW, they don’t see Volkswagen as a challenger since the company is building cars for the affordable market. As such, BMW don’t plan to see their vehicles losing to the Volkswagen Arteon.

BMW’s solution for this is a brand new Gran Coupe and it will be one that is based on the 2-Series. BMW has yet to lay out the details on the car but we can expect to see a prototype getting unveiled soon.

The fact that BMW has utilized the 2-Series for their next Gran Coupe makes it sound like BMW is taking a dig at the Arteon. Think about it. The 2-Series is among the cheapest BMW you can buy and it is considered as an entry-level luxury car.

Should the 2-Series Gran Coupe is priced a mere few thousands more than the Arteon, consumers may consider forking out that extra fee to get a 4-door coupe from an established luxury brand. What do you think?