BMW i3 Gets Focus ST Pricing Brand New

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What is there not to like about the BMW i3? Well, for the average consumer, they hated that the i3 is priced well above their reach despite the car not having enough electric driving range to even compete with a new Nissan Leaf.

In case you are unaware, the i3 has got a sticker that starts at $45,000 and this is a huge calling fee for a car that is a little toned down on BMW’s luxurious qualities due to the aim for a futuristic cabin.

Well, there is no denying that the mammoth opening price for the i3 is owed to the car having a BMW’s badge but what if we say that the price of the EV can hit Ford Focus ST’s level?

The Focus ST is one of the best affordable sports hatchbacks around and it’s purely amazing how the car can go off for under $25,000 at any dealers today. In the i3’s case, you can actually enjoy the EV hatchback for about $24,000 through a promo program that is being operated by a dealer in California.

PG&E, a dealer that focuses on selling EVs, are now letting go of brand new 2017-2018 BMW i3s with a $20,000 discount – meaning that you can enjoy the car for the same price as the Focus ST. It’s a massive discount slapped on the i3 and it managed to provoke our driver’s conscience.