BMW i3 Handed An Ugly, Overpriced Verdict!

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The i3 is BMW’s entry-level EV and it is not a car which we would recommend you to spend $50,000 on. This is due to the fact that the i3 is far from being as good as other EVs in the market.

On the surface of things, the i3 lacks the range and performance that can allow it to compete with newer EVs. If that is not bad enough, the i3 costs way more than rival vehicles.

One may argue that the high calling price is owed to the BMW luxuries on the i3 but we beg to differ. After viewing Doug’s detailed review on the i3, we came to realize that there isn’t anything that is worth celebrating on the i3.

Words can be hard to paint a picture on why the i3 is bad hence you should check out the well-produced review video below.