BMW i3: Here’s How To Achieve 500-Mile Range

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If you desire to own a green car from BMW, your likely option would be the i3 because the i8 is far too costly to own. The i3 is relatively cheap to purchase in the used market due to their poor resale value but even that won’t make the car a bad purchase.

We say so because one of our staff had just bought a used i3 and he revealed that there isn’t any range anxiety with the car. His ride is the i3 with a range-extender and this brings the overall driving range to 180 miles. So how can you achieve 500 miles with the car?

The answer to this is with the travelling speed. You will need to maintain discipline by driving under 73mph consistently. Anything more than that will dry up your batter quickly. But of course, the 2.5 gallon gas tank for the range extender isn’t going to hold up hence you may need to make more stops than usual.

Our guy told us that he totalled about 4 stops during his 500-mile journey and those stops never lasted more than 15 minutes to refuel and relax.

With a gasoline-like approach, you will spend very little on long journeys and you even save a lot of time at that. So if you are planning to get the i3, be sure to get the one with the range extender.

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  1. Ron

    January 28, 2018 at 2:52 am

    So he basically filled his gas tank 4 times -does that not defeat the object of an electric car