BMW i3: Lawbreakers’ Lives Are Equally Important!

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It seems that everyone who buys a car from BMW will get an exquisite treatment from the carmaker. This is proven again today when BMW announced a recall that will involve every i3 sold here in the US.

The cause of the recall is with the airbags that are not positioned to save the lives of the occupants should an accident is to happen. In detail, the airbags is not at a good position for drivers or occupants that are commuting without wearing seatbelt.

The current positioning of the airbags took into account of those wearing seatbelts-only hence BMW can maximize injury protection by predicting the head movements of the occupants during a crash.

Unfortunately for the US market, statistics have shown that a large number of drivers tend to forget wearing a seatbelt and this has turned the airbags on the i3 into a bigger hazard in a crash.

We find this to be a really weird recall because not wearing seatbelt is a traffic offense and BMW has to cater to these folks. It goes to highlight the caring attitude of BMW towards their buyers.