BMW i3: Now Is A Bad Time To Go Green!

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The BMW i3 may not be the most popular or best rated green car in the market but it is still able to achieve respectable sales due to – what we call – love for the badge.

With the i3, you can fend off provocations from Toyota Prius and Tesla drivers by saying that you have a BMW. It’s that special status which has aided the i3 to achieve decent sales.

But if you’re planning to get the i3 today, it is best to hold your purchase because the car is not in its best shape at the moment. There is a production fault with the i3 which has resulted in BMW to issue a stop-sale order for the electrified hatchback.

It was reported that the i3 produced between 2013 and 2017 have failed to meet frontal impact performance standards. The cause of it is unsure but it has been discovered when the i3 was called upon for a frontal crash test.

BMW has since ordered a voluntary recall for the i3 although they have yet to provide details on the fix which will be applied on the car.