BMW i3 S Meeting Nissan Leaf’s Call For Hotter EVs!

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Come September 6 next month, Nissan is going to pull the curtains off the next-gen Leaf and many can’t wait to meet and greet the vehicle. One of the most exciting things about the Leaf is that the EV will feature a brand new design and it promises to look beautiful.

Spy shots have already shown a structure that looks to close to the Nissan IDS concept and this hints on an entirely pleasurable appearance. If the outcome is to meet the expectations of the masses, it would be great for the EV market since the available choices are rated poorly for their looks.

Well, today we can say that the Leaf is not the only car that is hoping to be a candy on the eye of other road users. BMW too is planning something similar and it is through the upcoming i3 S. The latter was spotted in the wild earlier today and it signals on an EV hatchback with sleeker proportions.

As how you can see above, the i3 S sports a set of flared wheel arches which gives off a more solid stance. Also, we notice the i3 S to be more lowered than the ordinary i3 and this gives off an element of sportiness.

The i3 S is expected to make its debut next year and we can’t wait to compare it with the next-gen Leaf. Are you excited?