BMW i5: An i3 Morphed As A Sportback?

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What you are looking at above is the official preview design of the upcoming BMW i5. The design surfaced online earlier today and BMW claimed that they have ‘accidentally’ released it ahead of the car’s official unveiling.

At a glance, we can see a lot of i3-based styling being applied on the i5. The sort-of futuristic setup is nice to have but it does not look appealing on the i5. The car may have the shape of a sportback but the proportions have failed to give off a sporty appearance.

We are not asking for the i5 to have the sportiness of the i8 but a little more effort on this front would’ve have made the preview look a lot better. The above looks like an i3 that is sized up and morphed into a sportback.

But of course, we can’t put a verdict on the design until we witness the i5 in person. How do you feel about the i5’s design?