BMW i5 May Just Be The Last BMW EV

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BMW is one of the earliest names in the market that offers electric cars and they are about to expand further with the i5.

While the name is not for certain yet, the BMW i5 will be slotted between the i3 and the i8, and it is said to have a sedan body style. The i5 is certainly an exciting EV to look forward to but if you think that the car will serve as a catalyst to the development of more BMW EVs, you could be wrong.

The German carmaker revealed earlier today that they are still unconvinced on the longevity of electric powertrains. No matter how good EVs get, the battery pack will degrade thus handing the vehicle a short life.

When questioned on the future, BMW said that hydrogen-powered FCEVs offer greater efficiency and longevity. The market may not have much to show at the moment but BMW believe that FCEVs will start getting more attention from 2020 onwards. The carmaker concluded by claiming that they will have a production-ready, big volume FCEV by 2022.

With that being said, BMW could move away from EVs entirely if their prediction on FCEV is correct. Should that be the case, then BMW’s electric line-up is likely to stall at the upcoming i5.