BMW i8 Roadster: Another All-Looks & No Guts?

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Ask anyone and they will gladly agree that the BMW i8 is one of the prettiest vehicles ever produced, although performance on the car is still questionable.

Despite having a glorious sporty and futuristic appearance, the i8 never managed to impress on the performance front as the hybrid setup which it relies on can’t match the speed of an average supercar.

So when BMW announced on the i8 Roadster, we can’t help but to feel excited for the car because there is a possibility for BMW to make adjustments and improvements to the hybrid powertrain.

Unfortunately, new reports have surfaced online and they are claiming that the i8 Roadster will rely on the same hybrid setup that features on the original i8 but the weight and aerodynamic difference between the two models will see the Roadster achieving slightly better speed.

So if the standard i8 clocks 4.4 seconds on a 62mph sprint, we can expect the Roadster to do it in 4 seconds flat. It is still not up-to-par with an average supercar but all will be confirmed at the next LA Auto Show.