BMW M2 Avenges M3’s Defeat To Alfa Romeo Giulia QV!

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The BMW M2 may be viewed by many as an entry level performance car in BMW’s camp but this does not mean that you should take the M2’s performance lightly. We bring this up because the M2 had just pulled a stunner when it outwit and outperformed the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV on the track.

The Giulia QV has already proved its worth when it recorded faster track times than both the M3 and the M4 hence seeing the same car losing to the M2 has left us with a thousand questions.

The happening took place at Anglesey and it saw the M2 completing the course in an amazing time of 1:40.68. This is almost a full second faster than the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV. It’s a special victory for the M2 because the vehicle is far behind the Giulia in terms of pony count. You can check out the happening below.