BMW M2 Confirms Overhaul In June 2018!

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BMW’s entry level sports car, the M2, is not the best performing vehicle in the segment it competes in and this has got a section of the crowd claiming that BMW has lost its ways.

We can’t help but to agree with this because the N55 six-pot mill which the M2 runs on has never been worthy of the M-badge. Thankfully, BMW has realized this mistake and they have confirmed on a major change with the M2 happening next year.

It was reported that BMW will be turning the M2 Competition Package as the new standard M2 whereas the current base M2 will face the axe. With such a change, the M2 will have a more powerful mill and it is the S55 from the M3 and M4.

Such a move will make the M2 faster without a doubt but we can expect the output of the car to get reduced so as to protect the M3’s and M4’s offering.