BMW M2 CSL: This Should’ve Been The Standard!

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The BMW M2 small measurements have made it the most popular M-vehicle around and this shows that size does matter. A handful of M-fans have made it known that they are willing to trade the extra power offered in the M3, M5 and others just so they can enjoy the M2.

The current M2 has got a really attractive measurement but its lack of power is holding it back from making leaps on the sales front. BMW is aware of this and they have hence announced on the M2 CSL.

The popular CSL moniker will see the ordinary M3 getting boosted with more power to offer. In numbers, the M2 CSL is chasing 400hp and this is about 40hp more than what the standard M2 can offer.

BMW played their cards with caution since they don’t want the M2 to outpace the likes of M3 and M5. Because of this, we don’t expect the M2 to be any faster than the M3 but it is nice to have 400hp.

The CSL”s output will only narrow the gap between the M2 and the M3, and things can be better with aftermarket tunings. Personally, we feel that the M2 CSL should have been the standard M2 from day one as the setup will put sales on full throttle.