BMW M2 To Overrun Porsche 718, Focus RS Soon

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Some may say that BMW bottled their chances with the latest M2 as the performance compact car came out short in many departments. Well, it is still not too late for BMW to make things right again as M2 may get the performance outcome which it truly deserves.

Reports from Germany are claiming that BMW is developing a new kind of M2 and it is called the M2 CSL. Due to arrive in 2018, the vehicle is going to ditch the original engine and replace it with a 400hp unit that is taken from the M3.

With the M2 competing in the compact performance segment, the CSL variant can really kill off its rivals. The 400hp engine is a proven performer and it can allow the M2 to outdo the 350hp Ford Focus RS and the 300hp Porsche 718.

BMW M2 CSL is expected to get unveiled late next year before getting shipped worldwide in early 2018. We don’t know about you but the M2 CSL looks to be like the perfect correction for the current M2 and we can’t wait to meet the vehicle in person.