BMW M3 Destroyed By A BMW Taxi!

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There’s a famous saying, ‘it’s not about how good the car is, it’s about the driver’. Such a statement is very accurate, especially when the evidence involves a BMW M3 and a taxi.

The BMW M3 E92 was spotted letting loose on the Nurburgring earlier today and it led to a number of individual present at the track becoming spectator of the car. Everything was going well for the M3 E92 when suddenly, the car got overtaken by the newest Ring Taxi – which is also a vehicle from BMW.

The power differences across the two cars are minimal and it is the M3 E92 which boasts greater performance. But that never once stopped the Ring Taxi from leaving the E92 in its trail and at extreme speed.

The M3 tried to catch up but the driver lacks the necessary skills to do so. It resulted in the M3 approaching a bend at a speed beyond control thus swiping on the side barrier. You can see it for yourself below.