BMW M3 Facing The Axe, Emission Taking The Blame!

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Come August this year, you will no longer be able to purchase a brand new BMW M3 F80 over in Europe and this is because of a new emission test in the Old Continent.

It was reported today that the Europe emission guideline will require vehicles to go through a new and more intensive test before they can go on sale. The details on the test are unknown at the moment but it is claimed to be too extreme for the M3 F80 to live on.

Those that have read the reports are now viewing the emission test as something negative since it has led to the axing of the M3. As for us, we don’t think that blaming the axing on the new ruling is entirely fair at all.

If you are to check out BMW’s plans for the future, the carmaker is expected to bring out a new generation 3-Series towards the end of this year. It is common practice for them to pull out the M3 on the year the next 3-Series makes its debut and this is something which many has not realized.