BMW M3: It Can’t Be Poor Visibility, Can It?

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The BMW M3 is one of the most popular premium sports cars in the world and those that can afford it will often personalize their vehicle to look like a pure racer.

Well, for two owners of the M3, their customized car has somehow resulted in poor visibility and this has prevented them from realizing that they were being tailed by cops.

It was reported earlier today that the two M3’s executed a stop-light race at random in broad daylight while a police patrol car was right behind them. Seeing the two M3 sped off automatically got the law enforcer to react and it didn’t take long for the officers to stop the duo.

So, should this be blamed on poor visibility? We would say no. It is just the M3 drivers being too caught up at having fun that they became blind to their surroundings. Perhaps, it is a good thing the cops stopped them.