BMW M5 Competition: This Has To Be It!

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The M5 is a stellar performance car from BMW and it is about to get upgraded further through the release of the Competition variant. BMW is expected to bring out the M5 Competition in the coming weeks and it appears that we don’t have to wait until then to learn more about the car.

A leak has surfaced online and it actually offers a realistic-sounding detail on what the M5 Competition will have to offer. Aside from the usual styling tweaks, the M5 Competition is slated to arrive with an extra 25hp over the standard M5.

This means that the car will have a total output of 616hp when released and it would translate to a 0.1 second improvement in the 0-62mph sprint time.

The leak is said to be from an individual that has placed an order on the M5 Competition and while it may sound plausible, you should take the above with loads of salt. All will be confirmed when the M5 Competition make its debut in the near future.