BMW M5: One Big Reason To Not Buy The Car Right Now!

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What is there not to like about the latest generation BMW M5? The car made its debut last year and it finally allowed BMW to compete closely with the C63 AMG from Mercedes-Benz.

The M5 is truly an exciting car you can buy as the vehicle is packed with 600hp thus allowing the vehicle to burst into speed without breaking a sweat. But if you crave for more power, it is perhaps best for you to stay away from the current M5 momentarily because it won’t be long before BMW launches the M5 with Competition Package.

BMW teased today that the M5 with Competition Package will be debuting in mid-2018 and it will be more insane than the stock M5. The details are not out yet but insider reports are suggesting on 25hp more with the Competition Package.

But of course, don’t expect the M5 Competition Package to be cheap to own – especially after seeing that the current M5 is already a big price upgrade over its predecessor. If we have to put a figure on it, we predict the Competition Package to cost you about $115,000.