BMW M5: RWD Deprivation Blamed On Overpowered Mill

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One of the things that has made BMW an established name on the performance market is their loyalty towards rear-wheel drive. The RWD setup has always been the way for BMW vehicles although not every model produced is equipped with RWD.

Among them is the newly launched M5, which arrived with AWD instead of RWD. A portion of BMW fans are already disappointed upon hearing this but what they fail to hear is the cause of the switch to AWD.

BMW explained earlier today that the first M5 prototype drives on rear-wheels but road tests found that the 4.4L twin-turbo V8 which the car runs on is far too powerful that it won’t be smart to have the finalized M5 running on rear-wheels.

“[RWD] was the natural, historic way to go – until we realized we were beyond the limits of longitudinal acceleration. Four-wheel drive was the only option.”

So there you have it. BMW see it as a necessary switch as they want to offer the best performance experience with the M5 instead of just raw power on rear wheels.