BMW M5: You Can’t Do This With An EV!

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Crazy stunts are some of the things that make the motorsport industry interesting and today, we are able to witness another one.

It is from BMW and it involves the newly launched M5. The stunt gives insanity a whole new definition as BMW attempted to refuel the M5 while the car is drifting on a track.

We don’t understand what the motive is here but we do know that BMW is trying to set a world record with this crazy stunt. The record is for the title “world’s longest sustained drift”, covering the greatest distance possible in one power slide.

It is a lengthy process thus explaining the need to refuel while the M5 is still sliding around the track. BMW promises to release every detail about it later this month.

One thing is for sure though and it is that you can’t pull this off with an EV car. Unless there’s some sort of wireless charging around the track that can keep up with the pace of power consumed, EVs won’t be able to perform crazy stunts like gasoline cars.