BMW M760i: Will It Happen?

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There have been a lot of talks about BMW planning to produce a range topping model for the 7-Series and it is tentatively known as the M760i. While BMW has yet to clarify on this, a leak surfaced on the web earlier today to further suggests that the M760i is already in development.

The leak appeared on the German BMW configurator where the M760i badge was present on the ordinary 760i. If there is truly an M760i coming, it will become the second time BMW’s M-Division produce a performance-oriented car based on the 7-Series.

Well, if it does happen, we are expecting the M760i to involve both the 760i and the 760Li. The two vehicles will definitely feature all the good stuffs from the M Sport Package and they will be coming with Ferric Grey accents.

Under the hood, the M760i and M760Li will be powered by the 6.6L V12 engine that is identical to the one that is offered on the Rolls Royce Ghost. We can expect some word from BMW on the M760i during the next Geneva Motor Show.