BMW M760Li Puts M3 Back To Its Rightful Place

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The BMW M3 is a popular sports car that can go really fast and also compete with some of the best vehicles in the sports sedan segment.

However, the over-popularity of the M3 has made a number of individuals with poor knowledge on cars claiming that the sports sedan is the finest vehicle from BMW. This is actually wrong because that title belongs to the M760Li.

The M760Li does not look as sporty as the M3 and its large size implies that the car is developed for the most comforting daily driving experience. Well, this is actually because the M760Li placed a lot of emphasis on in-cabin luxuries to maximize comfort.

On the other hand, it is a mistake to see the M760Li as a non-sporty car because the vehicle can offer a performance that is superior to the M3. Just check out the video below and you will see that the M760Li is the ultimate BMW performance car – at least for now.