BMW M8 Gran Coupe Wants CGI To Become Reality!

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The ongoing Geneva Motor Show has brought out a number of exciting unveilings and among them is the M8 Gran Coupe from BMW.

The car which promises extreme luxury is expected to arrive later this year and while BMW has yet to pull the curtains off a production-ready model, they managed to release a detailed ad to promote the M8 Gran Coupe.

As expected, the M8 Gran Coupe looks like it was spawned to rule over the extreme luxury market. The vehicle is simply an eye-candy as it is styled with a splendid balance in sportiness and exclusivity. What’s best about it is that the M8 Gran Coupe is likely to arrive with a V12 beating under the hood.

The only downside with the M8 Gran Coupe is the advert that is filled with too many CGIs. The digital graphics are nice but the fact that they are overused makes the M8 Gran Coupe feel more fake than real. Just see it for yourself below.