BMW Pickup Truck Render Shows Mercedes X-Class How It’s Done!

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Unlike Mercedes-Benz, BMW has never shown any interest in developing a pickup truck. However, this known fact isn’t enough to stop certain individuals from modifying their rides into a pickup truck, which ends up giving us an idea on how the likes of an X5 and 3-Series will look like with a bed.

Today, we witnessed something different and it is a pure visualization of how a pickup truck from BMW will look like. Designer Taekang Lee created a rendering of the pickup truck based on his imagination and the result couldn’t look any more real.

As how you can see above, the design of the pickup truck is typical to that of a BMW where aggression is the name of the game and exclusivity can be seen on the detailed finish.

It may not be the most beautiful of pickup truck but the concept certainly pumps out more excitement than the X-Class from Mercedes-Benz. What do you think? Should BMW turn the rendering above into a real-life production vehicle?