BMW Subscription Service Makes Sense If You’re Corporate!

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A growing number of carmakers have shown interest in offering subscription services with their cars and among them is BMW. The German luxury carmaker has made it clear earlier this month that they will start experimenting with the subscription idea later this year through the Pilot Program.

In detail, the Pilot Program will require a subscription payment of about $2,000 each month and paying that fee will grant you access to any BMW cars. Think of it like renting a BMW car for an entire month with the ability to swap for another vehicle at any given time.

What’s more interesting is that the program operates on flat rate hence you can enjoy a high-end BMW car or an entry level model for the same price. On the other hand, such an offering does not sound friendly to your wallets so why would BMW be so keen to push Pilot Program out?

The answer to this is corporate. Executives will benefit most from the subscription service as they can interchange between their daily commuter and weekend car without need to own both and they can also enjoy a tax write off.