BMW vs Mercedes-Benz: Death To The Bimmer?

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The long-standing rivalry between BMW and Mercedes-Benz is no longer as exciting as before, especially after seeing the Munich-based carmaker consistently falling behind on the sales front.

Over the past year or so, Mercedes-Benz has achieved so much sales that it left a big mountain for BMW to climb. This is quite surprising because BMW has got a wider market reach thanks to their green vehicles but they are still unable to capture a large market audience. Why is that?

According to a market researcher, the decreasing popularity of BMW is actually caused by its own doing. The carmaker is unable to personalize their car for the mass market and this makes their car appear less attractive than the ones from Mercedes-Benz.

One example is with BMW’s devotion to Apple. The carmaker has so much love for Apple that they are offering only Apple CarPlay on their new cars without any option for Android Auto. To make matters worse, BMW recently commented that there won’t be Android Auto on their cars at all.

This places an unmovable block on BMW cars as they can now only target those that really want a BMW and those that prefer a BMW but are iPhone users. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz is catering to both Android and Apple users on all of their cars hence there is no limit to their market reach.

It may not sound like much but siding with either Apple or Android can really disrupt sales of any products regardless of the industry they are in. Hence, can the absence of Android Auto kickstart BMW’s demise?