BMW ‘X-Class-Killer’ Echoes Into Production!

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Luxury pickup truck is not a segment which BMW would want to compete in due to its poor sales prospects but the fact that the Mercedes-Benz X-Class is getting a free pass in the market without a competitor has prompted BMW to take action.

Profit is one thing but to be a thorn on its rival’s heel appears to be the bigger priority for BWM. Hence, we were left shocked when BMW suddenly announced on the development of the X5 pickup truck.

BMW released a concept photo of the vehicle online and the caption “Mercedes-Benz X-Class-Killer” quickly echoed through the internet realm. But before you get excited for it, you should know that the X5 pickup truck idea is actually an April’s Fool joke being played on the massed by BMW.

This means that the X5 pickup truck concept is actually a prank to celebrate the international day of tricking people and it is not entering production.

Speaking of which, however, there have been talks within BMW’s board on the development of a pickup truck but they have yet to come out with an official verdict on the matter. Will the X5 pickup happen?