BMW X2: Porsche Cayenne Helps Silence Critics

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It is no longer a secret that BMW is developing a brand new compact crossover known as the X2. The vehicle is being built on the Nurburgring as we speak and we can already see that it will have a lot in common with the X1.

Both the X2 and the X1 will share the same design language but with a slightly different body shape. Unlike how it is with the X1, the X2 will be offering a tucked rear-end with more aggressive roofline that stretches towards the C-pillar.

However, the lack of originality and purpose with the X2 has got the critics labelling the vehicle as a quick cash grab for BMW. Knowing that crossovers are most wanted by the consumers, the X2’s availability will only allow BMW to make more money.

Well, these critics are no longer around as they have been silenced by the BMW loyalists. Hardcore BMW lovers referred to how the Porsche Cayenne went against its maker’s reputation to ensure survival for the 911. The Cayenne received the same critics back then but its popularity helped fund the 911.