BMW X3 Growth Takes A U-Turn With Sensor Issue!

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The BMW X3 may not be the most popular luxury crossover here in the US but that is not stopping the vehicle from growing in number.

Everything was going well for the X3 after the vehicle consistently showed sales growth with every passing year but this won’t look to be the case for the near future. The reason is because the X3’s reliability score has taken a dip after a major issue has been found on the vehicle.

It was revealed by NHTSA earlier this week that the X3 has a faulty airbag sensor. In detail, the mat that detects the occupant on the front passenger seat can fail to work and this can prove to be fatal in a crash.

The worst part about it is that 85,302 BMW X3 are suspected to have the fault and they are the ones produced from 2006-2010. This translates to almost every X3 sold in that period of time and this is a massive blow on the vehicle’s clean reputation.

On the bright side of things, BMW has acknowledged the issue and they are recalling the affected vehicles. Owners of the X3 are being notified of the recall as we speak.