BMW X7: 70% Volvo XC90, 30% BMW

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What you are looking at above is not the Volvo XC90. It is actually the X7 Concept that is bound to make its unveiling on September 8 this week.

The concept photos surfaced online ahead of the official debut day and those that have viewed it were quick to bash BMW due to the X7’s design, which is deemed too similar to the latest Volvo XC90.

The narrow headlights on the X7 are shaped and positioned in a similar manner to the XC90. While the X7 Concept may have a kidney grille, the shallow parting lines separating the two grille makes it look like the ones on the XC90, but without the diagonal branding.

One BMW fan commented that the design of the upcoming X7 Concept is 70% similar to the XC90 and he finds this to be disappointing. It gets worst when you realized that the upcoming X4 is already being bashed for looking too much like a Mercedes. So, what do you think of the X7 Concept?