BMW X7 To Snub Traditional EV For Hydrogen!

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BMW has expressed their desire to develop an all-new X7 and the vehicle is said to be the most versatile SUV around. BMW revealed that the X7 will be large in size and it will arrive with a number of powertrains to choose from.

Among them is a green setup but it won’t be one that is reminiscent to the EVs today. Reports have surfaced online claiming that BMW has snubbed a standard EV system for FCEV in regards to the X7.

BMW will equip the X7 with a more refined version of the FCEV powertrain that was unveiled on the 5-Series GT Concept from several years ago. Perhaps, the firm has made a big progress with FCEV that they now have the confidence to mass produce the system.

BMW was quoted saying that the FCEV powertrain will offer emission-free mobility and everyday usability thanks to fast refueling times and an appetite for covering long distances. More details are bound to surface when the X7 breaks its covers later this year.