BMW Z4: Overwhelming Expectations Shot Down

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Later this year, BMW is expected to bring out the next-gen Z4 and the car will appear alongside its sports twin – the next-gen Supra. The expectations are high with the Z4 as many believe that Toyota’s aid in the project will bring out a different kind of roadster but it looks like the opposite is happening.

A new batch of spy shots for the Z4 has surfaced online earlier today and it hints that the roadster won’t be exceptional at all. Despite still being hidden under camouflage, the key design features are too similar to the latest 3-Series.

The interior layout and digital technology too are near-identical to the ones being offered on other vehicles from BMW hence suggesting that the next-gen Z4 won’t be exercising any new bits for its styling.

In short, the Z4 feels like a 3-Series being morphed into a roadster and if this is truly going to be the case – you shouldn’t expect the driving experience to be very different across the two vehicles. All will be confirmed when the Z4 makes its debut later this year.

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