Boring Toyota, Vaping Honda & More Of Sour 2016

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2016 has its high moments and lows. Today, we are going to focus on the latter and we don’t have to look far behind to find the ‘cringy’ moments in 2016. The last LA Auto Show is full of eye-brow raising moments and today, we will be touching on some of the worst of them.

If you have checked out the LA Auto Show, you will see that Toyota has got one of the biggest exhibitions around and their booth is filled with the most number of boring cars.

Sorry Toyota but the Prius and Camry are just so boring to look at when compared to all the other exciting offerings at the event. If Toyota at least tried to bring out some interesting and exciting concepts at LA, we would have a different opinion.

Moving on, we have Honda that awkwardly promotes vaping. Now vapes are something Subaru drivers are famous for, so seeing Honda applying a vape machine on their exhibits got us cringing.

For more lemony pointers from the last LA Auto Show, you can check out the clip below.