BRZ Pushes Subaru Upwards At The Cost Of Mazda – ‘Thanks Toyota’!

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A number of Subaru fans have admitted to being upset at Toyota for taking full control of the 86-BRZ twin and this has resulted in the BRZ not having an stellar performance.

Well, to these folks, they can start looking on the bright side of things because the BRZ has successfully pushed Subaru upwards on the reliability charts.

Consumer Reports have updated their list of most reliable carmakers around and it saw Subaru climbing to sixth spot at the cost of Mazda. Mazda has long cemented their place at number six but they have now fallen below the top 10 zone.

Looking into the details of the reliability charts, you will see that the BRZ is named as the most reliable vehicles in Subaru’s camp. The 86-BRZ twin is also the only sports car in CR’s top ten most reliable vehicles right now.

As such, it is safe to say that the BRZ has boosted Subaru’s reliability status by a large margin and they can thank Toyota for it although this is something which even we will find hard to swallow.