Bugatti Chiron Record Silences Koenigsegg

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The Bugatti Chiron is truly in a league of its own but it appears that Koenigsegg can’t accept that. The Swedish hypercar manufacturer once shared that there is no point in hitting 400km/h if it can’t accelerate and come to a stop quickly.

Koenigsegg followed that statement by demonstrating the speed of the One. The overpowered vehicle from Sweden smashes the 0-100-0km/h record by finishing with a time of 17.95 seconds.

That is a respectable time but it doesn’t look all that impressive when compared to the Bugatti Chiron. In response to the statement, the Chiron took things to a whole new level by performing a 0-400-0km/h test and the car completed it in an amazing time of 42 seconds.

Koenigsegg is muted at this moment and viewing the video below makes it easy to understand why. All we can say is that Koenigsegg should not dwell on the Chiron as it would be better to isolate the car in its own league.