Bugatti Chiron Sprint-Brake Record Multiplies By Two

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Very recently ago, Bugatti let the Chiron loose in a controlled environment as the carmaker attempted on a new record on acceleration and braking.

Well, Bugatti achieved their goal as the Chiron created a new record on this front when it clocked 41.96 seconds. The car basically sprinted to 249mph from stop before going to a complete stop thus making it a car in its own league.

No other vehicles are able to come close to those numbers and this is what made the Chiron insane. Today, things got crazier when we witnessed a video of the Chiron running at 249mph. At this speed, the view is often from the cockpit but the clip showed off the Chiron in chase view.

So how is that possible? The answer is with a second Chiron. The latter was placed ahead of the first Chiron and it plays as a camera car. This very happening is really beyond insane.