Bugatti Chiron Still Can’t Hit Top Speed In Virtual World!

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The Chiron is the latest beast from Bugatti and it is described to be a much faster car than its predecessor, the Veyron. The latter was once a record-holder for being the fastest road-legal vehicle around hence the description on the Chiron suggests on an unknown speed record.

Despite being a year into the Chiron’s life, nobody knows exactly on the top speed of the car. The vehicle has an electronically locked top speed and there have been no attempts at breaching the barrier.

This is due to safety concerns as Bugatti fears that the Chiron’s tyres may not be able to cope with the peak speed of the car. Well, it is completely understandable but what if the Chiron is getting tested in a safe environment – say in a video game?

Forza Motorsport 7 had just welcomed the Chiron into its roster but early attempts from gamers in trying to hit top speed with the car ended up in failure due to the electronic limiter.

Like how it is in the real world, the in-game Chiron can’t push past the protective barrier thus leaving us with no idea on how fast the car can actually go.