Bugatti Hybrid Has Its Own ‘Affordable’ Meaning

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Affordable and Bugatti are two words that can never get along. Just look at Bugatti production vehicles. Whether it is the Chiron or the older Veyron, the two vehicles cost millions to own hence they are far from the definition of affordable.

Perhaps, this is exactly why many cringed when Bugatti teased that their hybrid 2+2 project which they are working on at the moment is intended to be affordable. Even he reports from major outlets label it as affordable although the true meaning of affordable is not made clear.

This is where we come in. If you are hoping for the future hybrid to retail under $100,000, you best wake up because it is not happening at all. When the word affordable is put into play for the hybrid, Bugatti probably meant it like the car is aiming for volume hence it won’t be priced like an exclusive car.

It is like how Lamborghini once described the Huracan as the more affordable Aventador when they actually meant it like it is possible for anyone with lots of cash to own the Huracan. If we have to predict, the hybrid from Bugatti will still have a six figure MSRP that is near the million-dollar mark.