Bugatti Veyron Meets Tesla Model S: The Real Measuring Stick

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The Bugatti Veyron has already proved itself to be the fastest road legal car in the world but now its record has been broken by its successor, the Bugatti Chiron. Even so, the Veyron is still a great car and anyone will welcome a free a driving session with the vehicle.

Looking back at the Veyron’s past, the car has already beaten most other supercars on both the straight line and the tracks. Only one name has yet to contest with the Veyron and that is the all-new Tesla Model S P90D with Ludicrous Mode.

The Model S P90D too is making a big mark in the auto scene as the EV powertrain it runs on is capable of outperforming several supercars. So how will the Model S measure up against the Veyron?

Well, we are able to find out today after a race involving the Veyron and Model S got organized. Both the Veyron and Model S took it to the drag strip and you can check out the action in the video embedded below.