Cadillac ATS, CTS May Get Forced Out Of US

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American luxury cars may not be as popular as German makes but they still appeal to patriots as well as those that prefer something different. The only awkward thing about it is that there happens to be more love for American luxuries on the other side of the world instead of here in the US.

This was confirmed today when Cadillac revealed that they managed to sell more cars in China than here in the US. As such, Cadillac wants to focus more in the Far East nation while keeping things as it is in the domestic market.

In the first quarter of this year, sales of Cadillac cars rose by a margin of 90% in China whereas here in the US, the numbers have dropped by 4.6%. With sales being the number one most important thing for carmakers, it is easy to understand why Cadillac is now looking up to Buick when making business decisions.

Buick is another premium name in GM’s family but they have restricted productions in the US due to the underwhelming demand. The opposite is for China since the Asian nation is demanding for more Buick.